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Style & Benefits of Yoga

Kripalu Yoga - a style of yoga for any one and any body! This 'yoga of compassion' will help to:
*Stretch & tone muscles
Increase stamina
Release chronic tension
De-stress & relax
Calm your mind
Bring focus & clarity to your life
*Build confidence

Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare for yoga postures. A series of postures will then stretch, strengthen and balance the body, ending with relaxation and meditation. Classes are open to the public and all abilities. To learn more about Kripalu yoga, visit: http://kripalu.org/

Thai Yoga is available for private sessions or small groups. I will guide you through a series of postures, adding the "Thai touch" and assists to deepen and personalize your practice. $65/hr - at your home, mine or the studio! Here's what one client had to say:

"Thanks Tara for the great massage. You did a great job working out the kinks in my back and neck. I felt so loose and rejuvenated after the session. Can't wait for next time!"~Nicole
To learn more about Thai Yoga Massage, visit: http://www.lotuspalm.com/thai-massage/

What Students Are Saying

"A great class for a Saturday morning - relaxing yet energizing at the same time."

"This is one of the best experiences I've had."

"I feel stretched and relaxed and energized."

"I enjoyed it all - the stretching and T's assistance was great. I liked the pace."

"I feel that I have just learned breathing in yoga."

"I enjoyed everything - especially the pace, new postures."

"Loved the assists."

"T also modified some of the postures to make it accessible."

"I slept better than I had in months after class."

"Thank you for showing us new postures, and always doing something different!"

"I have been practicing yoga since September (5 months), three times each week. It has improved my shoulders' and hips' range of motion post surgery."

"Great music!"

"This is the first activity I have tried that didn't bother my fibromyalgia; it actually made me feel better!"

"I felt like I was flying in your class! I had back surgery and I haven't found anything that made me feel this good!"